We learned a lot researching genuine compostable products for you out there.

Below we’ve shared the basics so if you need to navigate compostable packaging outside our catalogue, you can recognise what’s genuine.

Feel free to browse FAQ for more information. Contact Us if you have any questions or ask us to check out a new product you’ve found.


A product is compostable if it is made from plant-based materials that fully breakdown in a composter

Natural materials like wood and food waste are naturally compostable. Others, like bio-plastics and plant-based inks, may be compostable. The only way to be sure is if they are internationally tested and certified – you’ll know a product is genuine if it’s in our catalogue.


Made from:

  • Wood​, Paper, Cardboard, Plant fiber, Starch-based film, PLA Plastic (certified).
  • Has plastic-y looking lining or coating that’s certified PLA.
  • Printed with plant-based inks.


All products in our catalog meet the above criteria, are certified and safe to compost (tested in Xtreme Zero Waste’s Hot Compost Unit).

Not compostable

Made from:

  • Any Plastic that is not PLA, Glass, Metal
  • Has plastic-y looking lining or coating that’s not certified PLA / CPLA
  • Printed with inks non-plant-based


‘Green’ branding, like a leaf or tree, does not mean it is compostable ‘Biodegradable’ does not necessarily mean it is compostable.


Genuinely Compostable products are Certified to any of these International Standards:

EN 13432 – European Certificate for Commercial Composting of Packaging.

AS4736-2006 – Australasian Certificate for Commercial Composting of Biodegradable Plastics.

ASTM D6400 – U.S Certificate for Commercial Composting of Compostable Plastic.

ASTM D6868 – U.S Certificate for Commercial Composting of Biodegradable Plastics when used as Coatings on

Paper and other Compostable substrates.

(Vincotte OK Home Compost accredited).